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Ethical production

Each Adalbertus shirt is created with a specific person in mind. It is made on an ongoing basis, so we can be sure it will go to where it will be properly appreciated. This production approach means that we do not store anything and we do not waste anything as we only make as many shirts as ordered. In addition, our products are packed without a single use of plastic and other unnecessary fillers. We want you to enjoy the perfect shirt without a

Welcome to the mature world

Adalbertus is the brand designed for a real man. Mature, self-confident and masculine, just like you. Modern and extraordinary. Perfectly suited to you(...)

Maturity brings us together

Every man is different. We have different characters, temperaments and experiences. We also see each other differently in terms of needs and visions of ourselves in this challenging male world. Although we are different, we have one thing in common – we always want to look perfect and mature at the same time. We want to stand out and feel confident at all times. Today you can find all this in Adalbertus shirts. Created with passion, to emphasize

Made-to-measure bravery

There is nothing in men's wardrobe as attractive and classy as a perfectly tailored, elegant shirt. It is a symbol that perfectly reflects a matured male character and adds self-confidence during everyday rituals and special circumstances. Adalbertus shirts will emphasize the bravery, strength and courage that you already have within you